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WHY CyberIntellectuals

We provide Security Excellence


CyberIntellectuals is a practitioner-led organization with a team of highly-experienced professionals.  Our background includes both technical and management experience across a range of security disciplines.



Our clients are our partners.  We are focused on providing a very high-level of service while understanding our clients’ pressures and challenges and working hard to ensure that we provide insight and guidance.



We are committed to working closely with your team and exceeding your expectations in all our engagements.  That means delivering on promises and learning from our clients to constantly improve our offerings and our approach.

AppSec: Security Driver

Full Stack Security Audits:

  • Protocol Specifications
  • Protocol Implementations
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Penetration Testing and Cyber Services


Whether you are just starting

Services Across the Space:
  • Whitepaper Assessment
  • Token Economic Assessment
  • Mechanism Design
  • Architectural Guidance
  • Go to Market Stretegy

SecOps: Secured

Tools and Management Solutions for Secure Operations

  • Blockchain Development Operations
  • Internet Of things Protocol Designs 
  • Cryptographic Key Management
  • Distributed Network Management


One-way mathematical hash functions map data to digital signatures. These signatures validate the data stored redundantly across all nodes in the blockchain If any particular node tries to reverse the chain, the hash signature will indicate the attempt and the other nodes will detect and invalidate the phony data.

Fast and Global

IOT and Blockchain technology allows for a globally decentralized computing environment. The combined computing power of the compute nodes around the world give applications designed to run in the environment a distinct advantage.

Advancing Information Security

This doesn’t just mean discovering new vulnerabilities or conducting leading research. It also means taking our experience, working with some of the largest organizations in the world, and helping the industry advance and mature. Most companies don’t have the information security budgets that the Fortune 50 can bring to bear, but they can still utilize many of the same approaches and management techniques to mature their organizations and minimize their own risk. Cyberintellectuals wants to assist every organization not just to test their security, but to also mature their information security programs.

Sending Payments

Payment integration

The desire to have a system of secure payments directly integrated into the API feature set is absent from most environments. The inherent properties of Our technology allow for financial transactions to easily be combined with your data.


Powerful Analytics with AI


The vast quantity of data stored on a blockchain is useless without the ability to mine and analyze it quickly and make decisions based on that analysis. Our product enabled with AI engine contains a powerful set of learning algorithms that become more efficient and performance over time. This self-tuning ability gives your instance of our solution to become more capable at solving your particular problems over time.

The state of the AI engine is self saving. Restoring the gained intelligence after a system failure is transparent to the user. Off-site backup is supported by our Security Product

Getting Paid

Intelligent  Machine Learning


Machine Learning is a powerful tool when combined with AI will develop most powerful matrix for blockchain and IoT Eco System from its computer instructions. When the contract is “executed” these instructions are performed by compute nodes

out solution features powerful tools to generate the code necessary to create these contracts based on user parameters. It also contains features to validate the smart contract input data so when the contract is executed, the parties can be confident it does so with the correct input data and yeilds the expected results.

Sumit Dhoopar

Co-founder & CEO

Sumit has 10+ years of experience in engineering and cyber security while working for global Fortune-100 Enterprise companies. He has an extensive background in the IoT and Blockchain areas. He brings a strong experience in business, communications, and leadership as well. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is in the process of completing an Executive MBA program at the University of San Francisco. Sumit is based in San Francisco, California.

Terry Shiraishi

General Manager / Japan

With more than 25 years of experience as a creator and marketer in advertising industry, he become a Head of Creative in NBC Universal Japan.
Dedicated to global projects , he held an manager position in major advertising agency. 
Currently dedicating to marketing of cutting edge technology in IoT and AI industry.

With the skill of competitive analysis, positioning, brand awareness development, and CRM (both B to B & B to C design build). BFA

Tyron Joo

General Manager / Korea

4 years of consultancy
2 years of marketing

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